Reform Symposium

As the Reform Symposium is only a few days away I thought it best to give a brief introduction to the topic I am going to be sharing which is Student Driven Learning. Here is a short video I put together on the topic as a teaser.

 As a result of both action research and the work around an Innovation Day, I made a huge shift in my teaching this past year to be more student driven. It is without a doubt one of the greatest decisions I have made within my classroom. It started with my resigning from teaching and then putting the power of learning squarely in my student’s handsFor those that have yet to check this blog list out, you can read about my updates “It’s About the Learning”, “Learning Should be Viral”, “One on One is the Best”, “Sub Plans”, "I Am Done" and "My Brother Has Cerebral Palsy." I look forward to sharing these experiences and openly reflecting and discussing how to go even further. In this day of standardized testing and rigid curriculum, we can't lose sight of "unfiltered" learning and the natural curiosity and will to learn that each student possesses

I hope you are able to stop by and share your experiences as well!

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TJ Houston said...

Loved the video. Great work!