Innovation Day...the Sequel

Many of you that have been reading my blog here are aware of my Innovation Day that I wrote about last spring. If not, you can find it here and some follow up by author, Daniel Pink here. Last week, we rolled out Innovation Day…the Sequel. We took our nearly 300 hundred 6th grade students after their last day of standardized testing and gave them free reign with their learning. They spent their day in individualized learning projects based on their passions and interests. As we did last year, we ran the spectrum of projects again.

Students got to choose their learning topic as well as how to showcase their work. We structured the day a bit differently this year in that we allowed more time for sharing. This was great as it allowed all of our students to have the chance to share their work. One of my personal favorites was this movie one of my students created using stop-motion technology.

Here is a brief slide show of some of the other student’s projects and work throughout the day. This is only a small sampling of the 300 projects that I “permission” to share via my blog. 


hughtheteacher said...

This is like Genius hour many teachers have chosen to be part of their classroom. Please check out #geniushour hashtag on twitter. We would love to share and discuss ideas with you!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing and is a great way to get students interested in learning.